Concrete Roller Screed with 20' Tube

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20 ft
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pdf Roller Screed Instruction Manual.pdf (1.7 MB)
(Includes motor, live end handle, lag end handle & end caps)
  • Use anywhere you would use a vibratory screed
  • Perfect for pervious concrete, angled slabs, or any standard form-to-form pour
  • Quiet electric motor allows screed to be used indoors where fumes or noise may otherwise be a concern
  • Unique design with switch and reverse switch right on the handle and at the user’s fingertips
  • Lightweight unit for comfortable continued use
  • End caps are replaceable and can be removed for use with different tubes
  • Electric motor: 11.5 amp, 120V, 300rpm


Assembly includes:

  • Power head end handle w/ motor 
  • Power head end plug
  • Lag end handle
  • Lag end plug
  • Universal joint attachment
  • Chuck key and clevis pin


Aluminum tube with steel tubular construction

  • Length: 20 ft (6.1 M)
  • Diameter: 4-1/2" (114 mm)
  • Weight: approx. 80 lbs (36.3 kg)


Place concrete as you would with any concrete pour.  Wait until the concrete has set up for a day or so (no wet screeding – use this for form to form work), then pull the roller screed along the surface of the concrete.  The tube will spin at 300 rpm in the opposite direction of travel.



*Screeding grain bins and other circular pads of concrete requires the Center Pivot Assembly


Roller tubes available in sizes ranging from 4’ to 28’ in length.  Tubes longer than 22’ require a second power head assembly.  See our current listings for all available sizes

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