Check the reset switch on 18" Echelon Electric Snow Blower

Last Modified: 02/04/2015

This should only take about 15 minutes and all you need is a phillips screw driver and a 10mm wrench/socket

Be sure to unplug the snow blower before attempting this!

Start by removing the two bolts on the back of the machine...

now the upper two screws on each side in the red part of the housing...

2 screws on either side of the discharge chute...

Now tip the unit on its back and you will see 4 screws to remove...

Now you can remove the discharge chute...

Now you can lift the red hood off the base.  Be careful as there should be 2 wires attached to the reset switch.  If one of the wires has come loose,  the connectors are loose you can squeeze them with pliers to make a tighter fit.  See this related article

You can now reattach the wires to the reset switch.

You can re-assemble the unit in the reverse order of these instructions.





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